Reflections on Part 2

I feel that I have made a lot of progress over this part of the course. I am a lot clearer now on the research question, it has narrowed considerably since embarking on the course. At the start I was looking very widely at studying Chinese flower painting and how it may have affected Western flower photography. This was much too wide a subject for a 5000 word essay, it also was not clear just how much influence, if any, there had been.

This was narrowed to a study of Japonisme and given further focus by looking at the effect of Japonisme on floral images produced by Western artists. I have to choose 3 or 4 artists and look at examples of their work to consider the possible influence of Japanese art.

My research studies are already starting to influence my practice as can be seen on my Body of Work Learning Log. Learning about azuri-e led me to consider the affinities it has with cyanotypes and I produced my own cyanotypes in response to this. In my research I also came across surimono which are Japanese prints that combine text and image. Again in my Body of Work  I  responded to this with my own versions of surimono.

In terms of the research side I have learned a lot about Japonisme, in particular the different ways in which different artists were affected. This has led to me choosing three or four artists working in very different fields and media as the subject of my research. I have also learned that floral images have not been widely used in the literature on Japonisme, authors seem to prefer to use landscape or portraits to illustrate the influence of Japanese art. I look forward to investigating this particular issue further as my work progresses.