Reviewing Creative Work

1 How do Research and Body of Work streams interact?

In the Research element I will be looking at images of flowers produced over a century in Japan and the West. In my Body of Work I will be producing my own images of flowers that will be influenced by what I learn from the Research. The following mind map shows the linkages


The period 1830-1940 seems appropriate as it encompasses Orientalism, Japonisme and the invention and development of photography. The Research work will drive my Body of Work and the experience of producing my own images will also inform my Research. My Body of Work will also be influenced by the range of current threats that may affect the flora of the world.


2. Resources

I have identified a number of resources that will help with both the Research and Body of Work courses.

  • Sainsbury Institute for the Study of Japanese Arts and Cultures – it has a school of study at the University of East Anglia and presents a monthly series of talks in Norwich.
  • The Lisa Sainsbury Library in Norwich is part of the Sainsbury Institute and holds books, journals, exhibition catalogues, slides, prints, maps and other materials relating to all aspects of Japanese arts and cultures. I have already visited the library.
  • Norwich University of the Arts has an extensive photography collection in its library and I have taken out external membership of the library.
  • The National Art Library at the Victoria and Albert Museum has a huge collection of art books. I have taken out membership of the library and have already visited.
  • The British Museum and the V&A both have print collections of Japanese Art and, at the V&A, photographs which are available to study. I am currently researching what is available.


3. What I would like to achieve

I want to develop skills in – creating ways of using different photographic techniques and media to produce compelling, thought provoking final work

I want to consolidate skills in – composing and lighting photographic images of flowers

I want to produce – work that is more than just an attractive image, that conveys a message

I want to promote my work to – myself, I want to be satisfied with the way that I have integrated the Research and Body of Work components.

I want to refine – my own personal voice in the work and images that I produce

I want to explore – work from different art forms and different parts of the world that can influence how I produce my own work

I want to prove that – study of different art forms from around the world can be of considerable benefit to how I approach my own work and that different aspects can be combined to produce a contemporary image

I want to involve – just myself – I want to challenge myself to think differently and produce a set of final images that are unique

I want to integrate – different techniques and media from my research into my everyday work