Part 1; Tutor Response to Exercises 1-3

I had an excellent discussion with my tutor about my research topic. She raised a number of issues with what I had originally proposed :

  • the need for evidence of what is being considered, particularly if I am stating that certain artists were influenced by other art forms (it needs much more than ‘it looks like it is influenced by’) . What does it actually mean to import something from another culture?
  • the need to narrow down the research topic (e.g. Japanese influence) and refine what is being looked at (e.g. perspective, space, colour, etc)
  • could consider a more cultural comparison rather than influences e.g. representation of flowers across cultures and could look at parallels and different times and contexts.

I found the discussion to be of enormous benefit – highlighting the pitfalls of the approach I was considering and pointing the way forward to a good research proposal.