Tutor Feedback on Assignment 3

I had good feedback on my 3rd Assignment, I need to finalise the research question as I am probably going too deep at the moment into the concepts of Japonisme and Orientalism. Although these are both intrinsic to the work I am doing I shouldn’t spend too much time discussing whether Japonisme is a form of Orientalism – it is – and although there is more to discuss on it, I shouldn’t get too bogged down on that aspect of the essay.

My existing data collection was good but I probably needed to build on it and I could well benefit from looking at several floral images from each artist rather than selecting just one.

It was suggested that  in future I avoid using terms like ‘Orient’ or ‘East’ or ‘West’ which are all constructs and it would be much better to be more specific e.g. ‘Japanese art’ or Dutch art’. I will bear this in mind as I write more and will go through what I have written so far to use more appropriate (and accurate) terms. I did raise the question about using quotes that contain such terms, as a number of the texts were written when such terms were in widespread use. It seems that it is OK to use such quotes, but to be aware of their appropriateness.