Data Gathering

I had some difficulty with this part of the course as it didn’t seem so well designed for a traditional art history essay more appropriate for one in the social sciences. Many of the suggestions in this part were not relevant to the work I was doing. So at this stage I  researched the floral images of the artists I had selected and the influences upon the artists. For this the most appropriate data gathering method was information from primary and secondary sources. The letters of Van Gogh was the only primary source I could find, so most data was from secondary sources.

In the literature review I had considered the concepts of Japonisme and Orientalism. I supplemented this with my own examination of specific art works, none of these were on display at the time so I used digital copies of the originals. A high-quality version of Van Gogh’s Sunflowers is available at the National Gallery website. I could only find slightly lower resolution versions of the work by Odilon Redon and Edna Boies Hopkins.

Covid 19 restrictions have also affected my access to library material, although some work is digitally accessible through the UCA library, most relevant works were only available in hard copy. In addition, the National Art Library, the British Library, the Tate Library, Norwich University of the Arts Library and the library at the Lisa Sainsbury Institute for Japanese Arts and Culture, have all been closed for over 3 months – none have extensive digital access. I made frequent visits to these libraries as part of my research and my studies have been hampered by the Covid-19 restrictions. I have only been able to use work I had accessed prior to library closures, limited electronic access and purchasing used copies of work that is particularly relevant.