Category: Part 2

Reflections on Part 2

I feel that I have made a lot of progress over this part of the course. I am a lot clearer now on the research question, it has narrowed considerably since embarking on the course. At the start I was looking very widely at studying Chinese flower painting and how it may have affected Western …

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Identifying a Written Format

The course handbook gives a series of possible written formats that can be used for the written work. Given my choice of subject within the overall theme of Art History, then a traditional essay seems the most appropriate for my work. It is difficult to see how the other possibilities listed in the Course Handbook, …

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Links to Creative Work

My work so far on Japonisme has already started to influence my creative work. In Body of Work I have been studying Cyanotype images and have looked at the similarities these have with Japanese Aizuri-e. The following image is a Japanese Azuri print by an unknown Shin-Hanga artist.   Chrysanthemum Tanzaku print, Unknown Shin-hanga artist, …

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