Feedback on my Final Assignment

I have now received feedback from my tutor on the final assignment and my Critical Review.

The feedback on the critical review was particularly helpful, especially in pointing out that my choice of title was not great, in fact the essay did not really answer the title I had given it! There were also a number of other pointers to how the final version could be improved. I decided to submit for the June assessment to give me time to make the amendments, rather than rush it;

One issue that did arise was over the word count for the essay, I had been basing my essay on the “Assessment Guidelines – Art history” document which is on the OCA student website¬†and¬†This is dated 19/01/16 so seems to be the latest available document. This says that students should submit “a 2,000 – 3,000 word critical review”. My review was just under 3000 words. However my tutor was talking of a “target word count of 2000 words” which I was well over!

It seems that there is some inconsistency in the different documents published by OCA. My tutor assured me that I would not be penalised for exceeding the limit but recommended that I reduce the essay to a maximum of 2500 words. So I will spend the next few weeks trimming it!