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Project 7: A Creative Variation of an Eastern Work

This was an enjoyable exercise. I find it really interesting to look at how I photographed an orchid 20 years ago and how I approached this exercise. It has opened my eyes to new ways of seeing images. It is not the best image I’ve ever produced, but if I was to devote a lot …

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Project 6: The Sculptural Process

I have always admired the skill involved in producing marble sculptures without fully realising quite how they were made, so this exercise was really interesting. I had not appreciated that marble can be relatively soft when first quarried and that it hardens over time. It would seem that fine arts sculpting is one of those …

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Project 5: Make a Copy or Detailed Analysis

Some 35 years ago I lived and worked in Indonesia and was fortunate enough to be able to visit Bali on a couple of occasions. I became very interested in the traditional arts of that island.When considering which work of art to use for this project I thought that I would like to copy a …

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