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The Guerilla Girls; Do Women Have to be Naked to get into the Met Museum

The Guerilla Girls are well-known as feminist activist artists. They have produced numerous posters highlighting the lack of representation of women artists in major galleries. This poster was one of their first. My notes can be found here; The Guerilla Girls

Julia Margaret Cameron and Nicky Bird

Image © Victoria and Albert Museum, London   When I first saw Nicky Bird’s photograph I thought it was just a straight, updated copy of  a Julia Margaret Cameron original. But as I researched the contemporary image I discovered that it was from a series where Nicky Bird had traced descendants of Julia Margaret Cameron’s original …

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It was on a visit to the British Museum that I first saw the statue the Townley Discobolus. It seemed a very graceful study of movement and energy. It was only on researching it that I discovered that it was, in fact, a Roman copy of an original Greek statue. My notes are here: Discobulus

A Sudden Gust of Wind

As this course has progressed I have become increasingly aware of the work of Jeff Wall. I find his images intriguing as is his means of producing them. Many of his works are based on or owe a lot to previous artists, this is his reproduction or version of the following print by Hokusai. Katsushika Hokusai …

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Flags I by Jasper Johns

I saw this print at the British Museum The American Dream: pop to the present exhibition. It seemed an ideal piece for consideration in this section so I decided to add it. When seen fro a distance it looks like a simple reproduction of the American Flag, but up close you can see it is constructed …

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Sarah Malcolm in Prison 1733 by William Hogarth

There is a painting in the new acquisitions display at Norwich Castle Museum and Art Gallery that depicts a version of Hogarth’s original of Sarah Malcolm in Newgate Prison. It does not have an attribution to any artist and I cannot find any web images of it, the museum also prohibits photography in that particular …

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