Category: Images of Different Graphic Techniques

Portrait of John Berger by Maggi Hambling

The gallery notes and catalogue accompanying The British Museum’s Maggi Hambling – Touch, Works on Paper exhibition describe the portrayal of the intellect of John Berger in this drawing and describe his “searing gaze”. These elements were very clear from the drawing on display My notes on the drawing can be found here; Portrait of John …

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No Title by Anouk Griffioen

This appears to be a very large picture – I’ve only seen it online, but at almost 10 feet tall it would be quite something to see the original charcoal drawing. I imagine it could be quite haunting. My notes are here: No Title

Boats on Breydon by Joseph Stannard

In my level 1 History of Art course I studied the work of the Norwich School painters in some detail. Joseph Stannard was one of the more talented of the later Norwich School artists, but sadly died at a very young age. His etchings are particularly praised by many commentators and his skill can be …

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Last One Left by P Emerson Williams

Quite a small work this one, certainly compared to “No Title”, perhaps this is a consequence of the medium – pen and ink not lending itself to very large work. My notes are here: The Last One

Tree Lights by David Lockhart

I was quite intrigued by this piece, trying to work out which part was an original photograph and which was digital manipulation – certrainly the two have been combined to good effect here. My notes are here: Tree Lights

Occulus by Ron Foldaw

I think that this is an interesting use of pastel – the subject seems quite technical, seeing or communicating, and normally you might expect it to be represented in a hard, clearly defined way. Here, though, the pastel softens it and perhaps adds a different layer of meaning. My notes are here: Occulus