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Statue of The Hon. Mrs Anne Seymour Damer by Giuseppe Cerrachi

Marble, 181cm high, London, c1777, British Museum © Trustees of the British Museum. (CC BY-NC-SA 4.0) This statue is described by the British Museum website as “Marble statue of the Hon Mrs Anne Seymour Damer (1749-1828) as the Muse of Sculpture by Giuseppe Ceracchi (1751-1801)”. Mrs Damer was herself a sculptor, so, intriguingly, this is …

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Carved Altarpiece

I wanted to include a wood carving in this particular set of exercises and I saw this piece on display at Norwich Castle Museum and Art Gallery. It is an Altarpiece and the carving of the wood is quite intricate. It is sometimes difficult to see the full details of a piece when it is …

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Meleager The Hunter by John Gibson

This is one of the larger marble sculptures in Norwich Castle Museum and Art Gallery. I found myself admiring the fine carving and the anatomical accuracy of the statue. But somehow I felt that there was a lack of energy to the piece, given that it was depicting a scene from a hunt, the overall …

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Bust of Lord Nelson by Peter Turnerelli

For this exercise I wanted to include an example of a traditional carved portrait bust. What I did not know, until undertaking this exercise, is how revolutionary it would have been at the start of the 19th century to portray a subject in contemporary, rather than classical, dress. Bust of Lord Nelson by Peter Turnerelli

The Babes in the Wood by John Bell

I was interested to research the work of John Bell. He was originally born in great Yarmouth in Norfolk and achieve some success as a sculptor, According to Wikipedia, his best-known work is the Crimean war monument to the Brigade of Guards at the junction of Pall Mall and Waterloo Place, London. This sculpture, the …

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Statue of Thalia Muse of Comedy

  © Trustees of the British Museum. (CC BY-NC-SA 4.0).   Through looking up the museum notes on this statue I learned what a chiton, an himation and a pedum were – I had not come across the terms before. The chiton and himation were types of costume, the chiton was a gown[1] whereas …

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