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Feedback on Assignment 1

I was quite pleased overall with the feedback I received for my first assignment. Obviously there were comments on areas where I could improve, but that is the whole purpose of taking a course like this – how to learn and improve, I was a little worried when I first submitted the assignment as I …

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Wayang Shadow Puppet

I was interested to visit the British Museum exhibition of South East Asian Shadow puppets as, many years ago, I had lived in Indonesia and had seen them there. Seeing them displayed as an exhibit perhaps changed the way in which I viewed them when in Java. I think I probably concentrated more on the …

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Project 2 Description of a Sculpture

For this project I chose a wooden sculpture from the Japanese Gallery at the British Museum. It is a copy of a sculpture called the Kudara Kannon. I chose this because I was quite taken by the delicacy with which it had been carved, the figure is holding  a water vase in her left hand …

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Annotation Guanyin

I found this an interesting work to research. There were several versions of the Guanyin in different Museums, some with their left arm resting on the ground, others where the left arm is held in apose in front of the body. Personally I found the version where the left arm is resting on the ground …

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Project 1

This is my letter describing the Woman from Willendorf to a friend. As I said in earlier posts it is preferable to be able to see particular works before being able to comment on them. Obviously that is not possble to do that in this case. However I was able to find a few different …

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The Woman from Willendorf

This was the first annotation I have done for some time as it is well over a year since my last Understanding Art course. I think I may have got a little rusty in the meantime and need to get back into the mindset needed for it. I found it quite difficult to do this …

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Back in the 1980’s I worked for three years in Indonesia and had the great fortune to visit Borobudur while I was there. It was therefore of particular interest to me to look at Indonesian works of art, particularly from the Buddhist and Hindu periods. When in the British Museum I looked at the exhibit …

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Sultan Muhammad Adil Shah and Ikhlas Khan riding an elephant Bijapur

Perhaps this is stretching the definition of ‘Oriental Art’ to include the Indian subcontinent! But I really liked this painting. It is one of very few so far where I have not seen the original, rather commenting on it from a website image and photograph from a book. What I had not appreciated before researching …

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Statue of Buddha Amida

This was another statue from the British Museum. Unfortunately it was in a glass case and it was not possible to walk around it to see the reverse, the light was also dimmed I suppose for conservation purposes.  Neverthe less it was good to see it at first hand, there was a great sense of …

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Some of the figures in the Chinese gallery were very different from other Buddhist portrayals that I had seen, for example the  Laughing Buddha However I decided to make my comments on a different glazed stoneware figure, that of a Luohan. Comments on Glazed Stoneware Figure of a Luohan

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