Written Review – The Norwich School of Painters

I’m very pleased that I chose this as my topic for the written review, having recently moved to Norfolk it has helped me get to know the history of the area as well as the artists involved.

I found this a fascinating subject and could have written so much more, one of the most difficult things was editing down my original draft to around 2000 words. As it was I could only discuss two artists (albeit the two preeminent members of the School) and only one work by each. I could have carried on writing about other works by Crome and Cotman and other members of the School.

I was fortunate in having the Norwich Castle Museum and Art Gallery nearby with its permanent exhibition of Norwich School paintings, Norfolk’s main library also had a number of books on the subject.

The more I read about this subject the more i wanted to read and found a number of second hand older texts online which were really useful.

I thoroughly enjoyed writing this piece, I only hope that I have done it justice within the available word limit.

My report can be found here, as always with the photos removed for copyright reasons: The Norwich School of Painters – no photos

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