Visit a public interior

For this exercise I chose to visit the Wallace Collection in London. I had previously visited to look in detail at some paintings and thought that one of the rooms would be an ideal subject for this exercise.

What I liked about doing this exercise was that it made me think not just about architecture, or paintings, or furnishings, but how it all fits together. Not just that, but to what purpose are they all being put together? So far as the Wallace Collection is concerned they were originally put together to showcase the collection of the owner – in short to impress visitors. This gives a very different feel to the Wallace Collection now (as a museum) compared to say the Tate collection. At the Tate the emphasis is on the paintings themselves which allows them to be studied close up and with space to stand back from them, at the Wallace Collection the paintings are there as part of an overall impression on the visitor. Little attempt was made to bring out the best in each painting – some are positioned high on the wall over the top of doorways, others with little space to step back from them in a smaller room. It was fascinating toi reflect on the different approaches.

Visit a Public Interior

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