Visit a Cast Gallery

For this exercise I visited the Cast Gallery at the Victoria and Albert Museum; only to find that it was partially closed!!

The main part of the gallery that I wanted to see, the area with the casts of Greek and Roman sculpture was shut.

It wasn’t a complete failure though as as one of the galleries was open. This had casts of Trajan’s column from Rome. This was a good opportunity to appreciate the scale and detail of this column. I has seen photos of it in World History of Art but it is not until you can get close to a cast or replica that you can appreciate

  1. the scale of the column
  2. the detail and beauty of the carvings/decorations

There were other casts there of door carvings, tombs and sculptures

which made the trip worthwhile after the initial disappointment of finding that one of the galleries was closed. I will definitely make a trip to the other gallery once it is reopened.

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