Exercise: The classical landscape

I had seen Claude’s work before but had never studied it in detail. It was really valuable to read the extract from Kenneth Clark’s book (which I was able to borrow from the library) and it enabled me to look at the two Claude pictures I studied in a new way, by looking at how he structured his paintings.

The thing that struck me most about the paintings I studied, particularly Apollo flaying Marsyas, was the quality of the light and how Claude painted the sky. There is a real sense of depth to his paintings from how he has structured them and the sky seems to recede for ever – as it does in real life! Without this course I wouldn’t have been able to identify how Claude had achieved this (or indeed done anything other than say ‘What a nice painting – what a lovely sky’!

As usual the pictures have been removed from the attached annotation

Apollo flaying Marsyas – no photo

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