Exercise: Room with a view

I found this exercise a bit difficult. It wasn’t easy to find paintings which I thought were suitable for the theme, there were plenty of paintings that featured a window but there did not seem to be a great deal about the scene beyond the window that could be discussed. I did come across a few paintings that were suitable but none of them were on display in this country and, wherever possible, I like to do my annotations from paintings I can actually go and study.

I was going to annotate one of the scenes from Hogarth’s Marriage a la mode series which had a window overlooking the Thames and London buildings. I studied the picture at the National Gallery and was going to write it up.

But then I came across A Boy Bringing Bread by de Hooch. This seemed much more suitable and had the advantage not just of a window but also a scene through an open doorway. So I went to the Wallace Collection to study the painting, I’m pleased I did as I learned a lot about perspective and the technique de Hooch used to obtain this involving a pin and some thread.

Boy bringing bread

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