Exercise: Analyse an Impressionist Landscape

I had a couple of options for this exercise, I studied Whistler’s Nocturne: Blue and Silver – Chelsea  at Tate Britain as well as a couple of Philip Wilson Steer paintings that were on display at the Masterpieces exhibition at the Sainsbury Centre for Visual Arts. I had not come across Philip Wilson Steer before and was quite taken by his technique. Steer is described by Jane Munro in Oxford Art Online “By the beginning of the 1890’s Steer was the leading follower of French Impressionism in England.” I analysed both the Whistler and the Wilson Steer paintings and decided to use Wilson Steer’s Walberswick – Children Paddling for the course.

What I liked about this exercise was that it made me think about how to view paintings that are done in different styles – can the same criteria be used for say an impressionist landscape or a more classical one?

It was good to come up with my own criteria for judging an impressionist landscape – an exercise that is getting me to think more deeply about the paintings I am viewing and how I am judging them.

The analysis of the Philip Wilson Steer, with photos removed, is here – Walberswick no photos

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