Category: Exercises – Part 4

4th Assignment

For the last exercise for this part of the course I chose to do an illustrated report on a single figure portrait. I chose the Marchioness of Cholmondley by John Singer Sargent. I selected thios portrait as it was on display at the Sainsbury Centre for Visual Arts as part of the Masterpieces: Art of …

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Exercise: Commission a portrait

I found this exercise a bit tricky initially. Eventually I thought it would be a good idea to commission a portrait of my wife. I wasn’t too sure how to approach it at first, so I looked at a number of fairly recent portraits from the NPG website. This gave me some ideas of the …

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Exercise: Looking at cartoons

This was quite an interesting exercise that took me in  a direction I hadn’t anticipated at the beginning – starting with Steve Bell and ending with Roy Lichtenstein. I began by assembling the cartoons outlined in the course guide, including several by Steve Bell, and started the exercise. As I was in London one day …

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