Category: Exercises – Part 2

Exercise: Decorate a Town House

In this exercise were were invited to imagine ourselves as the Curator of a terraced town house that has been acquired by a museum. We needed to select four or five works of art to place in the Drawing Room or other major rooms. Attached is my report on the Exercise.

Exercise: A Roman Palace

This specification is for works of art to hang on the walls in two rooms in my palace in Rome. One of the rooms is a very large main reception room which is open to the public. The second room is a much smaller and private study area. I would like to treat these two …

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Exercise: Prints for Sale

This catalogue lists a number of works that I feel will be of great interest to my regular clients. I start with two prints from Lucas van Leyden (b Leiden. 1494; d Leiden, 1533). His engravings are influenced by the master, Albrecht Durer Durer; they show a great inventiveness in what they portray, for example …

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