Category: Research – Part 1

Linear Perspective

Chilvers (CHILVERS 2012) describes perspective as “Method of giving a sense of depth on a flat or shallow surface, utilising such optical phenomena as the apparent convergence of parallel lines and diminution in size of objects as they recede from the spectator.” Lucie-Smith (LUCIE-SMITH 2012) defines perspective as “The method of representing a three dimensional …

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Research Point: Romanesque/Gothic

Gothic architecture – ribbed vault Gothic pointed arch Gothic flying buttresses

Research Point: Local Roman Occupation

About 8 miles from where I live is a site of importance both nationally and locally. It was known as Venta Icenorum and was the major town for the northern part of East Anglia, between Colchester, Leicester and Lincoln. Venta Icenorum translates as ‘market place of the Iceni’. According to Davies (DAVIES, 2001) the name …

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