Category: Exercises – Part 1

Exercise; Pugin on Gothic

Pugin believed that there were two great rules that defined Gothic architecture. These are listed in Honour & Fleming (2009 p.664) as; “There should be no features about a building which are not necessary for convenience, construction or propriety; That all ornament should consist of enrichment of the essential construction of the building.” For Pugin …

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Exercise; Draw classical figure sculptures

This was an interesting exercise. My drawing skills are very limited to say the least, so I decided to trace the figures. I started with old fashioned tracing paper on blown up copies of photos I had taken of statues at the British Museum. This was OK but then I had the idea of using …

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The Canon

The canon refers to a body of work – in this case works of art – that have traditionally been accepted as ‘great’ art and therefore of particular value. What is the main problem with the idea of a body of great works that other artists try to emulate? Who decides? The first problem with …

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