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Developed Annotation – St Jerome by Durer

This is a more developed version of the annotation of the painting of St Jerome by Albrecht Durer.  Developed Annotation St Jerome by Albrecht Durer No Photo The photo has been removed for copyright purposes. A copy of the image can be seen here

Annotate a Renaissance image

See copy Annotation St Jerome by Albrecht Durer No photo The photograph has been removed for copyright purposes, the painting can be seen here;

Linear Perspective

Chilvers (CHILVERS 2012) describes perspective as “Method of giving a sense of depth on a flat or shallow surface, utilising such optical phenomena as the apparent convergence of parallel lines and diminution in size of objects as they recede from the spectator.” Lucie-Smith (LUCIE-SMITH 2012) defines perspective as “The method of representing a three dimensional …

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Visit a Gothic Church

Copy of report on visit to a Gothic church

Annotate a Gothic Image

See annotation of St Matthew miniature from the Lindisfarne Gospels The photo has been removed from the annotation for copyright purposes, a copy of the image can be found here;  

Exercise; Pugin on Gothic

Pugin believed that there were two great rules that defined Gothic architecture. These are listed in Honour & Fleming (2009 p.664) as; “There should be no features about a building which are not necessary for convenience, construction or propriety; That all ornament should consist of enrichment of the essential construction of the building.” For Pugin …

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Research Point: Romanesque/Gothic

Gothic architecture – ribbed vault Gothic pointed arch Gothic flying buttresses

Exercise; Draw classical figure sculptures

This was an interesting exercise. My drawing skills are very limited to say the least, so I decided to trace the figures. I started with old fashioned tracing paper on blown up copies of photos I had taken of statues at the British Museum. This was OK but then I had the idea of using …

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Annotate a Roman portrait bust

Click on link below Marble Bust of Hadrian AD 117  

Research Point: Local Roman Occupation

About 8 miles from where I live is a site of importance both nationally and locally. It was known as Venta Icenorum and was the major town for the northern part of East Anglia, between Colchester, Leicester and Lincoln. Venta Icenorum translates as ‘market place of the Iceni’. According to Davies (DAVIES, 2001) the name …

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