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Research Point: Local Roman Occupation

About 8 miles from where I live is a site of importance both nationally and locally. It was known as Venta Icenorum and was the major town for the northern part of East Anglia, between Colchester, Leicester and Lincoln. Venta Icenorum translates as ‘market place of the Iceni’. According to Davies (DAVIES, 2001) the name …

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Visit a Classical Building

I researched a number of classical buildings locally for this project. Unfortunately the best examples e.g. Holkham Hall, were closed for the winter and not due to reopen until after Easter. Another possibility was the Norwich Union building in Surrey Street, Norwich. However the course notes state that ideally students should choose a building where …

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Annotate a Greek sculpture or vase painting

Click link below for annotation Greek vase The original photo has been removed for copyright purposes but can be found at the Metropolitan Museum of Art

The Canon

The canon refers to a body of work – in this case works of art – that have traditionally been accepted as ‘great’ art and therefore of particular value. What is the main problem with the idea of a body of great works that other artists try to emulate? Who decides? The first problem with …

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