4th Assignment

For the last exercise for this part of the course I chose to do an illustrated report on a single figure portrait. I chose the Marchioness of Cholmondley by John Singer Sargent. I selected thios portrait as it was on display at the Sainsbury Centre for Visual Arts as part of the Masterpieces: Art of East Anglia Exhibition. It was a good choice of painting as I learned a lot more about John Singer Sargent and how his work was regarded at the time and in the period since. It also meant that I was able to visit the exhibition three or four times to see the painting, it was interesting that I seemed to see something new in it on each occasion that I went back.

What made this special to annotate was that the dress worn by the Marchioness was on display alongside the portrait. This gave a great opportunity to see how an artist can represents black velvet, silk and voile!!

The report, with pictures removed for copyright, can be seen here: Portrait of the Marchioness of Cholmondeley No Pics

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