Reflections on completing the course.

I have now finished The Art of Photography course and it is a good point to look back to see what I have learned over the past 2 years.

1.      It took a lot longer than I originally thought it would, but it has been good as it has spurred me to go out and take photos. I had originally hoped that this would be the case and the structured way the course progressed helped me to see new opportunities for photos.

2.      I am much more proficient at some of the technical aspects of using my camera, I was never too sure what white balance was before I started the course, I am now much clearer.

3.      I now hardly ever use automatic or programme mode on my camera; I am much more confident and capable of using aperture, shutter or manual modes.

4.      I have developed a real interest in light and lighting. The course stimulated my interest in this and I bought some studio lighting equipment which I am really enjoying using.

5.      I have started the progression from taking photos to making photos. It is interesting to compare the way I approached the first assignment with how I undertook the final one. In the first assignment I was thinking about where I could go to take individual subjects, in the final assignment I was far more adventurous in creating the final image that I wanted.

I think that my photography has come on a long way since undertaking this course. I am now much more able to construct an image that tells a story rather than simply taking a photo.

It took longer than I thought it would, but it has been worthwhile. The difficulty now is to decide which course to do next!