Camera Manual

The advice at the beginning of the Art of Photography module to read your camera manual again with your camera has proved invaluable. I’ve just learned that the autofocus when using LiveView on my camera is slow, but extremely accurate and that the focus point can be moved around the screen. This will be extremely useful in macro photography when it isn’t always easy to look through the viewfinder.

Organising photos

Reading through the material for the Art of Photography Course has made me realise that I am going to have to be much better at organising and sorting the photos that I take.

So, I’ve been studying the manual for ViewNX which came on the disc when I bought my camera. It seems very easy to use and even allows minor modifications to the photo. I like the thumbnail mode (bit like having a contact sheet but with the ability to enlarge each one instantly) and the way that you can see the tree of folders that you store photos in.

I’m going to have to give a bit more thought to the structure of the files I will be creating, but for the course I guess I will create a folder for each element of the module and sub-folders for each exercise.

The great thing is that I will also be able to associate keywords with each photo to make them easy to find in the future. My photos will never have been as well organised!

OCA Photography Course – Student Profile

Just completed and sent off my Student Profile for the Art of Photography course. Interesting experience as it made me think about what I REALLY wanted to get from the course. Thinking it through I guess what I’m looking for is a discipline that will get me out taking photos in a way that is going to improve my skills.

Very fortunate that I have kept my C&G certificates from the photography courses that I took twenty years ago, I will look through the assignments that I did then to see what I think of the photos now.