Final Thoughts on Completing the 5th Assignment

My original list for this series of photos was

  1. Cover. A still life with books, fruit and magazines
  2. Bathroom (mobility aids). Help getting up, WC with chair and medicines
  3. Coming downstairs – stairlift
  4. Sorting out the medicines – hand and pills
  5. Breakfast – food and pills
  6. Reading the paper or magazine – Magnifying glass, glasses and paper
  7. Lunch – meals on wheels being delivered
  8. Watching TV over the shoulder
  9. Tea – and pills
  10. Watching TV – holding remote
  11. Bed – pills
  12. The people – outside shot

The final submission includes most of these ideas although perhaps adapted and in a different order.

All the way through I decided to exclude people from the series so as to concentrate attention on the aids and assistance. I planned to gradually introduce people towards the end with the hand on the remote control and the figure on the stairlift. I always planned to personalise the series in the last image of the series and took photos to add a more uplifting note for the final image. I took a portrait of three generations of my family to show that family support is as important as any of the aids and medicines.


I like this photo and am pleased with it and think it portrays the sentiments I have just described.

I have though, taken the difficult decision not to include it within the assignment. I don’t think that it works well with the rest of the series and that perhaps my original concept was slightly flawed in that it is best to keep the images without people being recognisable within them.

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