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General comments

Reflections on completing the course.

I have now finished The Art of Photography course and it is a good point to look back to see what I have learned over the past 2 years. 1.      It took a lot longer than I originally thought it would, but it has been good as it has spurred me to go out and …

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It has been a long time since I last posted on my blog. This is because, due to the weather, I have been doing the exercises for this section out of order (if I’d waited for a sunny day before being able to move on to the next exercise then it could have taken years …

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In his book The Photograph (Oxford University Press, Oxford, 1997) Graham Clarke says “Indeed , the word photograph means light-writing” Hence the title of this Learning Log (and Photo Gallery).

Photo Gallery

The photographs in this Learning Log are low resolution so that each page will load quickly. Higher resolution versions of all the photos in this Learning Log can be viewed in a separate Photo Gallery, also called Light-writing. To visit the gallery click the link in the top menu bar.


There has been quite an interval since my last posting, this has been due to a number of factors, not least of which has been computer problems. However I have been taking photographs,  doing background reading  and taking notes in this period so I will shortly be writing this all up and posting the photos …

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Camera Manual

The advice at the beginning of the Art of Photography module to read your camera manual again with your camera has proved invaluable. I’ve just learned that the autofocus when using LiveView on my camera is slow, but extremely accurate and that the focus point can be moved around the screen. This will be extremely …

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Organising photos

Reading through the material for the Art of Photography Course has made me realise that I am going to have to be much better at organising and sorting the photos that I take. So, I’ve been studying the manual for ViewNX which came on the disc when I bought my camera. It seems very easy …

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OCA Photography Course – Student Profile

Just completed and sent off my Student Profile for the Art of Photography course. Interesting experience as it made me think about what I REALLY wanted to get from the course. Thinking it through I guess what I’m looking for is a discipline that will get me out taking photos in a way that is …

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