Category: Part 5 – Narrative

Exercises for Pat 5 of the course

Exercise; Rain

I had to imagine a magazine cover on none subject – rain. I had to produce a single, strong, attractive photo on the subject. There has been plenty of opportunity to photograph rain these last few months! I considered all sorts of ways of photographing rain (one of my favourite photos of rain was the …

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Exercise; Juxtaposition

For this exercise I needed to take a photograph that could be used as a book cover and which illustrates juxtaposition. I started by thinking of as many book titles as I could and how I could use juxtaposition to illustrate it. I settled on A Christmas Carol and as the Christmas decorations were just …

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Exercise; Symbols

The idea of this exercise is to find symbols for a number of concepts.   Growth Possible symbols: Plant growing, Measuring chart or ruler One of the photos I took for the elements of design course would perhaps be suitable as a symbol for growth The height chart used for measuring children could be used …

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Exercise; Evidence of action

This exercise required the production of one photograph in which it can be seen that something has happened. I gave a lot of thought to this and considered the suggestions in the handbook of photographing something that has been either broken or emptied. I didn’t stick strictly to these suggestions but thought back to one …

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Exercise; A narrative picture essay

This first exercise in Part 5 Narrative and Illustration required me to set myself an assignment and then photograph it. I chose to go to a Book Launch at our local bookstore where a local author that I know was holding a launch for his latest book of childrens poetry. I made two versions of …

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