Category: Part 3 – Colour

Exercises for Part 3 of the course

Exercise; Colour into tones in black and white

This is an exercise to help understand colour and how in black and white imagery it gives powerful tonal control allowing emphasis on some objects in a scene while suppressing others. First of all I took a colour photo of a still life scene containing the four colours red, blue, yellow and green. Then, using …

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Exercise; Colour Relationships

This exercise is in two parts; firstly to produce one photo for each combination of primary and secondary colours; secondly to produce three or four photos that feature colour combinations that appeal to me. Part 1 Combination of each primary and secondary colour Red: Green   In this case the colour combination of red and …

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Exercise; Primary and Secondary Colours

This exercise entails finding scenes, or parts of scenes that are each dominated by a single one of the primary and secondary colours. With each colour vary the exposure slightly (as done in the previous exercise). For each of the series of photos below the exposure compensation is -0.7; -0.3; 0; +0.3; +0.7 when viewed …

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Exercise; Control the strength of a colour

For this exercise I had to find a strong, definite colour – I chose a red circular board on a level crossing – and use a viewpoint so that the colour filled the viewfinder. The exercise then required one shot at the average exposure setting and then further shots half a stop and a full …

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