Final Thoughts

The course is now finished and  I’ve now started my next course, History of Art 2.

I’ve just finished putting everything together to send off for assessment, which really brought home to me the progress I have made over the course of the last year and a bit. I do think I have made considerable progress in that time.

So here are my final thoughts on Photography 1: Context and Narrative.

I have learned to think more about what the image will convey. When I took the Art of Photography module I learned about making rather than taking photos. This has now been taken on to the next level where I will be looking to produce images that tell a story.

Before I started the course I would never have envisaged being able to produce an image such as the one I submitted for my final assignment. Now I have ther confidence to try and make a photo such as that.

Street photography is still a weakness for me, I tend to snatch at the shot resulting in unacceptable levels of blur or out of focus shots. I am much better when I have time to think about aperture, shutter speed, ISO etc. etc. I’m also still somewhat self-conscious about it, but it is good that I have given it a go and I think I will make myself do more of this type of work in order to get better at it.

At the end of the Art of Photography I said that I had developed an interest in studio lighting and photography and this course has helped me to develp more in this area.

I am pleased that I am taking the Creative Arts degree pathway. I think that the History of Art modules are really informing my photography. I noticed this in the section on self-portraits. I was going back to my History of Art notes where I also studied portraits and self-portraiture. It also gave me the inspiration for the final assignment.

The material has been sent off for assessment now, it was an encouraging experience putting together the images from all the assignments, I felt there had been considerable progress over the duration of the course.

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