Assignment 5: Tutor Feedback

I received feedback from my tutor very quickly for this assignment. Generally speaking his comments were positive.

He wasn’t sure about the way in which the newspaper background was portrayed. He made the point that the original Hogarth engraving had a plain background which concentrated the mind on the subject. He also thought that the fact that newspapers were the background could be taken as a comment on ‘old media’, i.e.newspapers, being superceded by ‘new media’ of phone or tablet. I can see the point he is making, but what I was trying to portraywas the all-enveloping nature of media coverage, both old media and new. This is why I continued the newspapers onto the floor so that the politician was surrounded by them as well as being preoccupied withthe new media of his phone and tablet. Whilst I recognise the comment about old media being in the background I do still think that the image conveys the impression of being surrounded by the media.

The main concern my tutor expressed concerned the placards to the right of the politician. He thought that the message here was just too direct. In comparison with the more complexsymbolism of the fire bucket on the left, the placards had no depth of meaning. I have to say that, thinking about it, he has a very valid point here. While I was trying to convey the point of broken promises, compared to the rest of the imagethis was too direct.

Consequently I have changed the image. I tried two versions – one where the placards are left blank, and a second where the wording of the placards was blurred out. The concept behind the blank placards was that they were ’empty messages’ and so had no worth. The idea behind the blurred out messages was that it would be symbolic of meaningless messages.

I quite liked both ideas and spent a lot of time debating which to use for this final assessment. Some days I would prefer on and the next day the other. In the end I decided to go with the blurred messages – both versions have similar meanings, but I just think that the blurred messages on the placards give a slightly better final image.

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