Assignment 5; The Politician 2015

This is my fifth and final assignment. I had quite a bit of fun putting this together!

The notes for my tutor can be found here Assignment 5 Tutors notes

The longer description of how I produced the image can be found here Assignment 5

So with all due gratitude to the inspiration provided by William Hogarth:

The Politician 2015 Web

Image copyright Bob Coe 2015


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    • Carol Street on May 16, 2015 at 10:43 am
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    Congrats on finishing C&N Bob. I’m just starting to think about this assignment (was dreading it) so it was good to see that you had fun. Which course are you doing next? UVC for me I think. Best regards, Carol

    1. Thanks for the comment Carol – it’s good to have got through the course. I found it challenging at times, but really worthwhile and my photography has come on a long way over the period of the course.
      This was my last Level 1 course (I’d previously done Art of Photography and History of Art 1) so now I’m looking at Level 2 courses. I’m following the Creative Arts route so my next course will either be another photography module, perhaps landscape, or a Level 2 Art History course.

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