Research Point; Gregory Crewdson

The construction of these pictures is very complicated. Crewdson himself talks about his pictures being “involved with that moment between before and after” the “in between moment”. I think that this is key to understanding how, for me, his photographs go beyond being just “aesthetic beauty”.

It is this element that makes the images ‘psychological’. They cause you to study them and think “what is happening here” rather than “that is a beautiful image”. It is that questioning that I think adds the psychological element. There is great aesthetic beauty to his work, but the photographs go way beyond that. I like his use of the phrase “the in between moment” as when you look at the photos you want to know what led up to the scene you are viewing and what happened afterwards.
What is my main goal in making pictures? To convey a message. Is there anything wrong with making beauty my main goal? No if it fits with the overall point I am trying to make. It would be wrong if it conflicted with the overall aim but very appropriate if it contributed to achieving it.

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