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Research Point: Paul Seawright

This exercise concerned Paul Seawright’s work in particular Sectarian Murder My full response to the questions in the exercise is here Paul Seawright. I was very interested in Paul Seawright’s work. His interpretation of the sectarian murder theme really makes you think about the images. the video shown in the exercise was also very good, …

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Research Point: Street Photography

I found the book ‘Street Photography Now’ by Sophie Howarth and Stephen McLaren (Thames and Hudson, 2010) particularly useful for this exercise. It showcases the work of 46 contemporary street photographers from around the world and gives a good variety of style and content.. You can read the introduction to it here and there are a host …

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Research Point: Debates around photojournalism

There are interesting parallels between the debate around socially driven photographers and also images of conflict and a similar debate twenty years ago as to whether pictures of starving children in drought hit parts of Africa were exploitative or a necessary way to raise awareness and assistance. Pictures of starving children are rarely used by …

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