Reflection on Part 1 – Body of Work

I feel that I have made a rather slow start to the Body of Work module, this is probably because I have spent a lot of time on the Research course. I thought that I needed to pin down the Research question as much as I could before I took any photographs, otherwise I might have spent a lot of time taken photos that were not relevant to the topic that I was studying in the Research module.

As the research question started to become a little clearer, comparing flowers in art between Japan and the West, I felt that I should start to make some images. I thought it might be an idea to study the work of some practitioners known for their photographs of flowers and then to produce some images that were influenced by this study. I would be looking at most of these photographers in the Research Study, but I felt it important to include some more contemporary photographs (my Research study is only looking at the period 1830-1940) to see how they may have responded to art from the past and also to broaden my own view of how to make images.

I have found there to be a lot of duplication in the exercises between the two modules, I guess that this is designed to help people establish connections between Body of Work and Research, but personally I found it somewhat repetitive.

Overall though, I am pleased to at least have started to take some photos and I very much enjoyed looking into the work of Karl Blossfeldt and producing images that were influenced by what I had learned. I also enjoyed taking a few photos in my ‘Little Less than Perfect’ series. This was influenced by my background reading for the Research and Body of Work modules. Right at the beginning of the course I had looked at the work of Irving Penn whose flower images were shown on the cover of a number of episodes of Vogue. I was interested in how he sometimes chose flowers that had just passed their peak to give a more interesting image. I wanted to experiment with this, even though his work came from outside the time period I was looking at in my Research. As I say above, I think it is appropriate for me to continue to do this, alongside my research studies