Part 1 – Personal Statement Exercise

Identification of Creative Method & Development of Personal Voice

What form will creative output take?

At this stage of the process I envisage that the main the creative output will be photographic images. In my early reading for the topic I have looked at images of flowers from cyanotypes, collotypes, collagraph, B&W and colour photographs. I feel studying the differing effects that different processes have may well influence my own practice.

How does your theme impact upon your working method?

My chosen theme is images of flowers and the threats that they face. This will differ from traditional flower images in that to illustrate both the flowers and threats may require multiple images and/or a combination of media. In my Photography 2: Landscape module I wrote a critical essay on photomontage and I could build on the knowledge I gained there.    I shall, therefore, also need to investigate other techniques.

Which contemporary creative artists influence you?

I am interested in the work of Jeff Wall, particularly the many references in his work to great painters of the past. Generally I am interested in the influences within and between different art forms, in particular the mutual influences between photography and other art forms. In terms of my own influences, I think that the work that I do for my Level 3: Research module, where I will be looking at images of flowers from Japan and the West, will have considerable influence on my own photographic output.