Tutor Feedback on Assignment 1

My thinking on the topical theme is beginning to focus now following feedback from my two tutors. I need to be clearer on what I am trying to achieve. As suggested by my Research tutor all references will now be to ‘Flora’ and for my Body of Work I will look at this in the context of still life and vanitas images.

I now need to experiment with producing images and not try to overthink in advance. I will still study the work of other photographers and produce my own work in response to them as this helps me to think of new ways of approaching the subject. I found that the study of Karl Blossfeldt’s work helped me to think more about form and patterns.

I have also started to realise how work, intended for a different (possibly scientific) purpose can, later, be appreciated for its aesthetic qualities. I started to consider this in previous History of Art modules when studying appropriation of African, Asian and American works in museums and galleries. Now, through studying the life and works of Anna Atkins and Karl Blossfeldt I have seen how their scientific approach (for educational purposes) has, some time later, been accepted for its aesthetic qualities.