Category: Part 3 – Synthesis

Assignment 3 Feedback

I was pleased with the feedback from my tutor on Assignment 3, obviously there is still work to do and plenty of room for improvement but an opening line of “A significant amount of work and a well-formed and focused strategy for moving forward” is very encouraging. There are a number of areas where I …

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Reflections on Part 3

Part 3 has stimulated me to experiment more. Studying the work of Betty Hahn helped me to think about using other media or ways of expressing myself. I am pleased with the pesticide series as I think that it gives a striking image as well as conveying a message about indiscriminate usage of pesticides. I …

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Surimono 2 – Joint working with a poet

I have been looking at Japanese Surimono, literally ‘printed objects’ (Surimono from Osaka and Edo 2008). They are woodblock prints that combine text and images. “The term surimono came to mean prints commissioned by groups for writing kyouka, comic poems, or haiku, 17 syllable poems, as well as prints privately commissioned for New Years greetings” …

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Editing and Sequencing – Grave Flowers

In feedback on Assignment 2 my tutor requested that I “Develop a series of carefully considered images that moves your idea forward”. My most complete set of images is the ‘grave flowers’ series, I submitted a first version for Assignment 2 but have added to them since.   Using the “very basic  editing” (Colberg 2017:82) …

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During a Level 3 Creative Arts Hangout I said that my theme for Level 3 was flowers and the threats they face. The excessive and indiscriminate use of pesticides has been recognised as a severe threat to plants and flowers due to the effect on insect pollinators. As part of the group discussion around this …

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Betty Hahn – Photography or maybe not

Poppy cyanotype and pastel

Born in Chicago, Betty Hahn completed both her BA and MFA  at Indiana University (Betty Hahn – Google Arts & Culture s.d.). She taught at Rochester Institute of Technology and from 1975 – 77 was professor of photography at the University of New Mexico, Albuquerque (Museum of Contemporary Photography s.d.) Betty Hahn’s work “centers on …

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