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Pesticides 2

In my previous post I described how, by chance, I developed a method to produce the pesticide prints using Hahnemuhle Rice Photopaper and a pesticide spray and intended to “experiment with different ways of applying the pesticide (brush, sponge, spray)” It has since transpired that the element of chance was even greater than I had …

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Pesticides 1

During a Level 3 Creative Arts Hangout I said that my theme for Level 3 was flowers and the threats they face. The excessive and indiscriminate use of pesticides has been recognised as a severe threat to plants and flowers due to the effect on insect pollinators. As part of the group discussion around this …

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Betty Hahn – Photography or maybe not

Poppy cyanotype and pastel

Born in Chicago, Betty Hahn completed both her BA and MFA  at Indiana University (Betty Hahn – Google Arts & Culture s.d.). She taught at Rochester Institute of Technology and from 1975 – 77 was professor of photography at the University of New Mexico, Albuquerque (Museum of Contemporary Photography s.d.) Betty Hahn’s work “centers on …

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